Backyard Sauna

Transform your backyard into a wellness retreat with a traditional, hand-crafted outdoor sauna just steps from your home.

Whether you’re looking for a small single or couples unit, or something larger for the whole family, Voyageur offers complete solutions - prefabricated in our studio, or bespoke to your tastes and budget on location.

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heats up to 220°
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hand-crafted to order
Designed in partnership with sauna guru Glenn Auerbach of Sauna Times, these custom units have been streamlined for maximum quality heat, at a modest budget price point. Featuring premium western red cedar, and your choice of wood-burning Kuuma, IKI or Tylo/Helo electric stoves.
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Voyageur backyard sauna – a quiet retreat for you or a gathering locale for family and friends.

Outdoor Panel Builds

Outdoor panel-builts provide you with a different form of portability compared to the traditional custom backyard sauna.  Fully insulated panels are constructed from Red Cedar or Canadian Hemlock.   Materials are packaged and ready for assembly. Outdoor panel-builts allow you the sauna experience at your current location and anywhere else you might go.  

A backyard sauna behind a house.

Find the Perfect Stove

Voyageur can help you make the best stove choice for your lifestyle, budget, and personal Sauna preferences with our complete line of solutions.

Backyard Sauna Specifications

Hot Room Specs

  • 6′8″ x 8′ Room
  • 2″ x 4″ Clear Cedar Benches
  • Brick Hearth on Floor
  • Under Bench Wood Storage
  • 24 X 76 Door With Window
  • Under Bench Lighting
  • Kuuma Small Stove
  • 1 x 6 premium cedar tongue & groove walls
  • Stove Backsplash: Durarock aluminium black cover
  • 6 stainless, class A flue pipe
  • Non-slip coin pattern rubber floor
  • available in both 110v or 12v battery power sources

Changing Room Specs

  • 4′ X 8′ room
  • Storage Shelving
  • Upper Storage Shelf
  • 12 Volt Battery Storage
  • Led Light
  • Non-slip coin pattern rubber floor

Choose from our exterior color options

Slate Gray
Charcoal Gray
Sierra Tan
Medium Bronze
Dark Bronze
Extra Dark Bronze
Matte Black
Colonial Red
Terra Cotta
Mansard Brown
Regal Red
Award Blue
Sky Blue
Electric Blue
Regal Blue
Patina Green
Dark Ivy
Sherwood Green
Hartford Green
Hemlock Green
Tropical Patina
Silver Metallic
Classic Copper
Champagne Metallic

Sauna Features

Sauna stove burning inside a sauna room
Kuuma Wood Fired Stoves - the best in the world
Lightweight Aluminum frame - won’t rust
Premium Cedar benches
View through a sauna door

Let Us Customize Your Dream Sauna

No project is too ambitious, and we love a design challenge. Let Voyageur build you a bespoke sauna that your family and friends can enjoy for generations. Two person to twenty person, wood-fired, electric, and infrared heat packages, wi-fi controllers - if you can dream it, we can build it.