Mobile sauna in a patch of grassMan looking out of the window of a mobile saunaView of an in-progress in-house sauna buildMobile sauna window fogged up from outsideTwo people exiting a mobile saunaA mobile sauna parked on the streetShower area within a backyard saunaTop corner and door detail of a mobile saunaLights strung across a mobile sauna's exteriorBackyard sauna next to a houseTwo people standing outside of a mobile saunaBuild process of mobile sauna unitHeat room and bench of a backyard saunaConnecting a mobile sauna to a van for transport

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Our estimate process is free and simple. Just drop us a note, and let us know what you’re interested in. We’ll give you the base price, and you can customize to your taste and budget. Manufacturing times are currently in the 7-9 week range for mobile and backyard drop-in saunas. in-home kit installation can happen in the 16-18 week range. (Times are subject to change due to demand)